UCP Camouflage Bulletproof Military Helmet


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UCP Camouflage Bulletproof Military Helmet

NIJ Level IIIA Security Army Military

Product Name: Bulletproof Fast Helmet

Standard fast bulletproof helmet
Bulletproof Materials: Aramid Materials
Bulletproof Rating: United States NIJ IIIAlevel
Helmet preparation: rail 2 (nylon), dry squid 1 (aluminum alloy), goggle buckle 2 (nylon), Velcro 5 (Nylon), cushion sponge and seismic memory sponge 5 (EPP), adjustable suspension system OPS, Straps (Polyester Filament), Cord 2 (Elastic Rubber Band), Edge 1 (Integrated Rubber), Chinrest 1 (Leather), Accessories (Flashlight Holder 1, Fish Bone 1, Slider 2)
Weight: 1.45KG
Helmet thickness: 8MM

Protection Area: 0.11 square meters
Head circumference adjustment: M code: 56-60CM, L code: 59-63CM
Integrated: seismic system, head circumference adjustment system, damping system, etc.

The Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) is a digital military camouflage pattern formerly used by the United States Army in their Army Combat Uniform. The pattern was chosen after laboratory and field tests from 2003 to 2004 showed it to provide the best concealment in many different operational environments.

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