Tactical Micro Chest Gear, Modular D3CR H-Harness Gray



Tactical Micro Chest Gear, Modular D3CR H-Harness Gray

1 material: 500D Cordura 2

2.Net weight: configuration (chest rig and sack bag) about 700g 3. Package content: chest rig and sack bag

Chest platform

1 adjustable and removable H harness (flat and back strap)
2. Molle system
3 one large GP pouch and two SMG / PCC magazine pouches (submachine gun / pistol caliber carbine)
4. Removable triple elastic 5.56 magazine pouch 5 . Full hook and loop on the back for sack bag


1. Velcro organizer for excess strap 2. Protects elastic buckle cover

Sub Abdominal Sack Bag

1. The Bag is designed to fit on the underside of the Thoracic Platform, or any other plate or platform support that will accommodate a standard hook and loop.
2. The interior features soft Velcro on both sides to adjust to your needs. 3. Elastic Loop – If the bottom carrier doesn’t suit your mission needs, you can easily remove and reinstall the loops as needed.