Tactical High precision PRO CNC Aluminum Red Hop up Chamber with LED For M4 M16 AEG



Hot AEG High Precision Tactical PRO CNC Aluminum Red Hop Up Camera With LED For M4 M16 Series Airsoft Hunting Accessories Free Shipping


Designed for M4 / M16 AEG Series Airsoft.
The BB locking system is designed to prevent the magazine from falling out and then the BB falling. After reinserting the magazine, the latch opens fully for quick shooting. You can also manually open the latch to manually release the BBs from the Hopup camera.
Constructed from tough aircraft-grade aluminum blocks with tight tolerances for higher accuracy, consistency and durability
Built-in knob for fine adjustment (using R-hop, Flat-Hop and Standard-Hop)
Removable brass threaded pin for adjustment and maintenance
Accepts a variety of sealed nozzles from 20.50mm to 21.00mm
Fully compatible with most aftermarket soft and hard rubber, no frame loss or BB drop
Equipped with 3 O-rings and 3 compression springs to ensure that the web is always accurately centered, straight and sealed
Compatible with any V2 gearboxes with 11mm or 12mm bore
LED module and electronic modules glow in the dark. Operating voltage from 7VDC – 20VDC (2-5 LiPo cells, 6-16 NiCad cells)


1 x TE Pro Aluminum CNC Hopping Camera with Fixing System Block
1 x LED Electronic Module Kit
2 x LED Electronic Module Power Cable
2 x CNC vinyl flooring
1 x CNC Aluminum Standard-Hop Arm
1 x CNC Aluminum R-Hop Arm
1 x Silicone Rubber Standard – Hop Nub Damper
1 x Silicone Rubber R-Hop Nub Damper
1 x CNC Aluminum 5mm Length Precision R-Hop Nub
1 x CNC Aluminum 6mm Length Precision R-Hop Nub
1 x Brass CNC Threaded Pin
1 x CNC Delrin with-clamp
1 x CNC Cylindrical Brass Gasket
1 x Steel Center Compression Spring