Tactical Belt Outdoor Combat




Enter The Orion: a low profile, light-weight, non-slip belt sleeve. We wanted a belt that would stay stuck to the user. Whether you’re dropping to a prone position, shooting behind cover in an adverse position, or sprinting, the Orion provides minimal shifting with rubber non-slip material on the inside, as well as three tie-downs that you can attach to your pants belt.

The Orion 4.0 replaces the old neoprene system, which can flex/roll, slip when wet, or break down after hard use. Our new foam laminate is a multi-stage foam that incorporates an outer non-slip rubberized foam, an inner padding layer, and an integrated stiffener with 600D fabric coating to prevent abrasion from your inner belt. It is built to last, and what we think will be the industry standard going forward.

.The waistband set includes: one Orion 4.0 RG waistband, one Orion black Inner Belt, one Arms Med Pouch, one KYWI RG color 556 single magazine pouch, one KYWI RG color 9mm double magazine pouch


S size: full length is 79cm, suitable for 85-95 waist

M size: full length is 89cm, suitable for 95-105 waist

L size: full length is 99cm, suitable for 105-115 waist

.Suitable for belts with a width of 38-45mm, Recommend 45mm snake buckle belt

.Color: As Shown

.Material: Nylon

.Product Weight: 600g

.Package Dimensions: 30 x 18cm

.Package Weight: 700g

.Packing: PVC Bag

Package Content:

.1 x KYWI RG color 9mm double magazine pouch

.1 x KYWI RG color 556 single magazine pouch

.1 x Orion 4.0 RG waistband

.1 x Orion black Inner Belt

.1 x Arms Med1 Pouch

.1 x Dump Pouch