Radio Frequency Detector range




Radio Frequency Detector TOTAL frequency range

Detection: Cameras, microphones, Limpets and GPS Locators, etc etc etc
This equipment is an essential tool for all those who travel for business and want to make a quick analysis of the place where they are and believe that there may be a spy device for listening and / or monitoring.

With this equipment you can locate a transmitter that is in an office, meeting room, hotel room, vehicle, etc … The proximity of hidden transmitters is indicated in the correlation of LEDs (photoluminescent diodes) and by an acoustic signal that increases as the equipment approaches the spy transmitter.

Features: * Frequency: 0-5.4GHz * Power: 3V – 2x AAA batteries * Sensitivity: max 10m * Dimensions: 56 x 90 x 17mm * Weight: 50g