Molle Tactical Shotgun case


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Shotgun case
A holder, or even rather a pouch for a shotgun, which can be attached to the sling mall !!! That is, this thing allows you to tightly fasten your shotgun on your back and use it as a secondary)))
And of course, you can just use it like a regular case and wear it on your belt.
2 colors

product description

Item Type: Weapon Bag

Style: Carrying gun protection

Black color

Size: 50cm x 15cm x 5cm

Gender: unisex

Application: hunting, tactical, military, shooting


* Safely designed for storing short cane

* Gun handle during violation
* Two MOLLE straps on each side allow ambidestro to fit in netting or packaging.
* Padded, adjustable, detachable shoulder strap allows you to take off your weapon.
* Case with thick lining for protection.
* Elastic mount shells provide easy access to five round beers.

Packing included

1 * Weapon protective bag

Additional information

Color and Camouflage