M249 Airsoft gun electric Rifle




M249 Airsoft gun electric Rifle.

Range 25-30 meters
100% Brand New and High Quality


Type:Electric toy rifle Age Range: 14 y+ Gender:Unisex

Color:Black, Grey


Package:As the images shown, easily assemble


Children’s toys must be safe and easy to operate! Building block toys, without any tools, can be constructed, cultivate children’s patience and concentration, three-dimensional space combination concept, logical thinking ability, quality assurance, please rest assured to buy.

Product Material:

Environmental-friendly high-quality ABS plastics, (can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled)

Product Specifications and Assembly Dimensions: See Dimension Indication of Detailed Drawings

Difficulty Factor:

(About Difficulty Factor: This is related to each children’s practical ability, just contacted, please parents more guidance, children with previous assembly experience, parents are advised to encourage children to complete independently. This pistol has few parts. Suggestions for children over 14 years old can be assembled. Attention, please take good parts after unpacking!

Firstly, after unpacking, please find an empty table. Each step in the instructions has clear pictures. Find the parts shown in the pictures. Remove the parts according to the figures and insert each other to assemble them step by step.

To parents:

In the process of playing with toys, young children should be assisted by their parents, and explain how to complete the model from the side. Parents only need encouragement and appropriate guidance from the side. The responsibility of completing the assembly should be left to the children to strengthen their parent-child relationship. When a child completes a work, parents can appropriately give praise, so that children can develop self-confidence from it.