LED tactical flashlight




L50/L50S LED tactical flashlight adopts high-efficiency OSRAM P9 LED
(100% imported), good design (PCB) and electroplated aluminum lamp cup, maximum output up to 1200 lumens, really passed test! The maximum range of the flashlight is 200 meters. Loop mode design: low/medium/high/ecological (hidden SOS mode).

The L50/L50S has a memory function for the most recent use mode. For example, when you turn it off in high mode, after ten seconds (the shortest time is about 8 seconds), turn it on and the mode is still high. And versatile, it excels in all-room lighting.

The L50/L50S is equipped with a rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery, you can directly charge the flashlight. Use our USB cable to connect the flashlight and power supply. The charging power can be laptop, mobile power, car charger, etc. In addition, this flashlight can also use 2 * CR123A battery. (WARNING: Do not use the USB cable to charge directly if the 2* CR123A battery is installed in the flashlight.) When the battery is fully charged, the flashlight can be used for up to 143 hours in the Eco mode.

The L50/L50S has a waterproof rating of IP68 and can be used safely in heavy rain. It can also be waterproof if the USB port cap is not covered! Its durable aluminum body and smart shape design make it very comfortable and convenient to carry. Based on these designs, the user can use it in various environments such as hunting, hiking, cycling, and the like.


– LED Material: Aerospace Grade Aluminum Body

– LED Lifespan:100000 Hours

– IP Rating: IP68, works well in raining day, can be used under the water to 2 meters!

– 5 Modes: Low/Medium/High/Eco(hidden SOS mode), with Memory Function

– Max output: 1200 Lumens

– Power: WUBEN 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (Included) or 2*CR123A battery (Not include)

– Weight: 128g (Not include the battery weight)

Packing Include:
-1x Package Box

-1x L50/L50S LED Flashlight

-1x 18650 Li-ion Battery (Torch inside)

-1x Micro USB Cable

-1x Lanyard

-2x O-ring

-1x User Manual

-1x Certificate

-1x Warranty Card

Charge lamp indicate color:
When begin to charge:

1. If red color is on, the flashlight is being charged normally, when full charged, will be green.

2. If green color is flash, that shows the flashlight is turned on, please press the tail switch to turn it off.

3. If red color is flash, it shows the battery has problem, please change it with a new battery.

4. If red and green color flash alternately, shows battery place is reversal, or the tail of the flashlight is not tightened.

Light Mode and Memory Function:
Please half press the tail switch to change the modes. SOS mode is intelligently hidden when you switch modes smoothly. If you need to use the SOS function, you only need to continuously half press the tail switch twice quickly.

When full press the tail switch, to hear “Di”, to be ON or OFF. And this flashlight has memory function, please see the user manual.

1. Please open the tail of flashlight, take the insulating spacer out, before using or connecting the USB cable to charge the flashlight for the first time.

2.Do not shot the light to people’s eyes except for special circumstances to avoid injury!

3. When the flashlight in the absence of wind or non-riding conditions in the high-brightness mode, long hours of work, the surface temperature will reach 50 degrees Celsius, this is normal, but please avoid the children touch the flashlight.

Buy with confidence. You have a full year to put this flashlight to the test and through its paces. Every purchase comes with an extended one-year return policy and friendly customer service provided by WUBEN, which has companies in China ,USA and Japan.