Kit 47 IN 1 Emergency SOS Survival Tools



Kit 47 IN 1 Emergency SOS Survival Tools


Idea for People Who Loves Wilderness Survival, Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Hunting, etc.

Upgrade Tactical knife:

High quality For Swiss survival knife for any use.

A Tactical Survival Bag:

You can hang it in your big climbing bag or any way you want.

Multifunctional Survival Wristband Bracelet

Multi tool pliers

Upgrade Compass:

360 degree rotating bezel for easy navigation & orienteering, compass glows in the dark making it easy to read in all weather at any time.

Tactical pen:

made from tungsten steel for superior strength & portability, break a window / glass, escape in an emergency situation.

Flashlight with zoomable design:

3 light modes like high / low / strobe. with its ultra-bright LED light, and ability to run for hours of just a single AA battery (BATTERY NOT INCLUDED).

Midical First aid & Fishing tools

Wire saw, bottle clip:

Used for cutting wood (no more than 3 inches), plastic, bone, rubber and soft metal.

simple and firm way to carry water bottles.

Emergency Blanket:

Provides convenient easy protection in all cold or warm weather states.

Parachute Cord Camping Rope:

14 in 1 Credit Card Knife:

Credit card sized, easily to fits inside your wallet, pocket.

Black and silver available
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