Gas Mask Classic Military Style Edition Chemical Gases



Gas Mask Classic Military Style Edition Chemical Gases 360 Protection Industrial Spray ,Paint, Toxic Dust Mask gaz maskesi PM032.

The gas mask is a filter type personal protective equipment. It’s used in conjunction with a container, which can effectively protect the respiratory organs of personnel from damage caused by poisons, and prevent radiation, biological and chemical poisons, smoke and radioactive dust.

It is suitable for use in different workplaces, such as industry and agriculture, scientific research units, transportation, and emergency treatment.

2. Composition and characteristics
The gas mask is headband type, the cover body is made of high-quality natural silicone, has good physical and mechanical properties, with a call device, the closed frame adopts the reverse folding structure, comfortable to wear, can be use with chemical protective clothing, the lens is reinforced polycarbonate surface coating, good light transmission performance, good wear resistance and impact resistance. The product complies with GB2890-2009.

3 Technical specifications Download technical specifications
1. Protection objects: the time to prevent hydrogen chloride is greater than 50min (30L / min, 1.5mg / L, relative humidity (80-80%);
2 expiratory resistance: no more than 100Pa (30l / min);
3 visual field: total visual field is not less than 75%, binocular visual field is not less than 40%;
4. Leakage rate of mask: ≦ 0.05%;
5. Expiratory resistance ≤ 70. Inspiratory resistance ≤ 40;
6. Container oil contamination transmission coefficient,%, ≤ 0.005
7. The compactness of the container: no bubbles come out in a minute
8. Storage period: 5 years

♥ Filter tank parameters (military tank)

1. Physical properties:
Smoke filter layer: folded by fiberglass filter paper.
Tin: aluminum metal.
Filling layer: dip activated carbon
Thread: NATO standard, in line with STANAG4155.
Weight: 300g
2. Performance index:
This can effectively protect:
A Chemical and biological warfare agents such as La Sarina and other nerve agents, mustard gas, cyanide, sandstone and phosgene
B Radioactive and highly toxic particles, aerosols and microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.
C Most industrial gases, i.e. organic gases and steam, inorganic gases and steam, such as chlorine, hydrocyanic acid, arsine, organic and inorganic acids, such as formic acid, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, and hydrogen chloride.
D Can protect poisons, anthrax and largepox.

3. Test performance:
Sand prevention time is not less than 110min (30l / min. 4mg / L)
Anti-hydrogen chloride time is not less than 30min (30L / min. 4mg / L)
Relative humidity
Oil mist transmission speed does not exceed 0.005% (30l / min)
Inspiratory resistance is exhaled shortly at 186Pa (30l / min) (resistance is not higher than 90Pa (30l / min)
It is forbidden to use this container in a carbon monoxide environment.

4. Maintenance and storage:
When the mask is not in use, the cap and bottom plug of the container should be closed tightly and placed in a cool place.
The container should be stored in a dry, clean, ventilated and heat resistant warehouse.
Can be used with the original gas mask.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When to replace the filter cartridge?
Sensation of increased respiratory resistance, smelling a slight smell of polluted gas and replacing the filter when the body is not well.

2. What needs notification?
. Clean environment
— Leave the polluted environment and replace the filter cartridge in a non-polluting environment
—- You need to change the filter cotton when the breathing resistance increases significantly

3. What is limited?
Deactivation of respiratory diseases!

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