Full Protection Body Armor (Flame Retardant)



Full Protection Body Armor (Flame Retardant)
Perhaps the coolest body armor I’ve seen in airsoft! 🤩
UTA Gen.2 armor made of flame retardant nylon and anti-infrared. The suit is water-repellent. The entire system is collapsible (collar, foot, shoulder pads, etc.) and can simply be used as a normal lightweight slab. The inside has pads that make it easier to wear and improve ventilation.
Absolutely ALL the set has MOLLE holes for attaching pouches and other equipment over the entire area. (You can place anything, anywhere and as much as you like: joy 🙂 Even on the side there are large camerbands with the ability to attach pouches
Total weight: 1800g
Black colour


.Size: big body length 38cm x width 32.5cm, protective area: 0.52㎡

.Codura 500D Flame Retardant Nylon: flame retardant, anti-infrared, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, waterproof and oil-repellent

.Modular accessories (collar throat shoulder crotch protective waist), can be easily switched between standard and heavy equipment

.Laser cutting MOLLE system, lightweight and modular

.UA protection pad, ventilation and heat dissipation, impact resistance

.Military quick-release buckle, fast putting on and taking off, one-handed control

.Rescue towing handle, easy for teammates to free their hands when rescued after falling to the ground; adjustable waist

.Dummy plate chip silo, can hold conventional 2 models of SAPI dummy plate (M/L size, This product does not include dummy plate, need to prepare by yourself)

.Triple universal blaster / hand blaster magazine pouch


.Color: Black

.Material: Codura 500D Flame Retardant Nylon

.Product Weight: 1800g

.Package Dimensions: 40 x 60 x 7cm

.Package Weight: 1850g

.Packing: Non-woven Bag

Package Content:

.1 x Front Part

.1 x Back Part

.1 x Collar Protector

.1 x Throat Protector

.2 x Shoulder Protector

.2 x Waist Protector

.1 x Crotch Protector

.1 x Triple Magazine Cover