Excellent night vision goggle with 2x magnification



Excellent night vision goggle with 2x magnification. The advantage of this NVG is that it can be used not only as a monocular on a helmet, but also as a magnifier for a holographic sight! Cool, isn’t it ?
There is an adjustable brightness to adjust the view under lighting.
A truly usable and multifunctional night light for games. I think many will come!

100% brand new, night vision is a precision electronic instrument used to observe the target at night and when turning.

In order to meet very low light intensity, infrared irradiation light source night vision, turn on the power switch, you can adjust its brightness by changing, avoiding eye fatigue.
Under bright and dim light, it displays the color image while the black and white image in the dark.

Ergonomic design, lightweight and portable, suitable for many uses, night patrol, hunting, etc. It can be fixed on the helmet.