Emergency Hand Crank Dynamotor High Power Charger Portable




Emergency Hand Crank Dynamotor High Power Charger Portable USB Charging Hand Crank Generator Outdoor Camping Survival Power Bank


Portable hand-cranked generator, can be used as emergency power supply.
High power USB charging generator, strong power generation.
Solid structure, low noise, stable working performance.
The faster the hand crank speed, the greater the power. The maximum power is about 20W.
Compact size, light weight, easy to use.
It can be used in field operations, field trips, rescue operations, natural disasters, survival training, emergency communication, long-term power shortage, tourism, emergency electricity, etc.

Condition: 100% brand new
Material: Metal
Weight: 758g/26.7oz
Power generation speed: 2000 RPM
Power generation: about 20W
Corresponding voltage and current: 3V/ 6.6A, 5V/4A, 6V/ 3.3A, 9V/ 2.2A, 12V/ 1.6A, 15V/ 1.3A

Package List:
1 x Hand-cranked Generator

1. The output voltage of hand-cranked generator must be greater than the set voltage to stabilize the output set voltage.
2. Please be sure to adjust the voltage to 5V before using the USB port external appliances.
3. Please turn the generator clockwise and do not shake the handle at high speed when connecting the electric appliances less than 3W.