Camouflage boonie tactical hat 18 colors


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Camouflage boonie tactical hat 18 colors

This military style hat does more than keep the sun off your head! Made from a durable lightweight rip stop material, this military hat is ready for any challenge you face. Unlike heavier twill material, cotton rip stop fabric is lightweight and breathable, making it an ideal hat for hot weather use. These loops can also be used for adding foliage and other natural camo to the boonie to break up your silhouette when you need to be stealthy.

And so you don’t lose your hat when you’re on the move or under high wind conditions, there is an adjustable chin strap. It has quick release buckles that allow you to remove the hat quickly to prevent it from getting tangled on your gear, neck or head.

This is not your typical military sun hat. For decades, the US military has been wearing a similar brimmed hat. For those looking for an alternative to the military jungle hat, this Tactical Boonie Hat is a great option
Material: 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester
Outer band with branch loops and loop fastener
Front and back band with loop fastener
Hidden interior pocket
Adjustable chin strap with quick release buckle
Military Boonie cap has a snap on each side to uplift the brim
2 screened vents on each side

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Camouflage boonie tactical hat 18 colors
Camouflage boonie tactical hat 18 colors

18 colors boonies tactical hat

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