Bulletproof briefcase




Product descriptions:
This bulletproof briefcase is tailor-made for top government officials, businessmen, and business elites. For everyday use, like a traditional briefcase, you can carry documents and personal belongings. When an emergency occurs, this case can be quickly deployed to form a sturdy shield against the human body. The case contains three bulletproof plates that are NIJ IIIA compliant, providing comprehensive protection and being capable of withstanding various pistol attacks. In addition, this product is lightweight and is equipped with a rapid deployment system to ensure rapid deployments in weather situations.
Bag Material: Leather
Inner Soft Bulletproof Panel: PE
Weight: about 3.8kg
Size: 44 * 33cm
Protection level: NIJ IIIA (9mm)
This briefcase can also be customized according to customer requirements.
Package: 1pc NIJ IIIAA bulletproof briefcase.
Bulletproof briefcase test