Biometric gun safe box portable



Product Specifications

1. Size(outside): 275*190*50 mm; Size(Inside): 200*185*45 mm wide
2. The plate thickness and material: 1 mm cold-rolled steel sheet
3. Net Weight: 1.5 kg/one
4. Color: black
5. Fingerprint capacity: 120
6. Power Supply: 4* AA (Not included)
7. FAR: No more than 0.0001%
8. FRR: No more than 1%

1. Using the world’s most advanced fingerprint sensing technology FPC companies, reliable and stable
2. The small size, the length is less than the width of A4 paper, the thickness of only half of the bank card
3. durable, 1mm cold-rolled steel, to ensure that the hardness of the box, to deal with the violent destruction capability
4. The two kinds of ways unlocking: fingerprint lock and key lock
5. Simple operation: Press ENROLL button, and then four fingers brush fingerprint, you can successfully registered
6. improve rights management: pre-register two fingerprints default administrator fingerprints, and third gold after registration need to be authorized by the administrator
7. The high-quality spray, giving you the perfect touch experience and visual experience
8. Built with high quality rubber band, stand-alone folder and cushion foam pad, the effective fixed and protection of your valuables.