9pcs / set Gun Gunsmith Cleaning Kit



9pcs / set Gun Gunsmith Cleaning Kit Set of 3 Stainless Steel Brass Nylon Brush and 6 Tactical Rifle Gun Hunting Accessories

3 Brushes and 6 Picks – Each cleaning kit includes 3 brushes and 6 picks. 3 types of double brushes are brass, steel and nylon. 5. The gun cleaning brushes are stainless steel and one is nylon.

Multi-Material Brushes – Versatile cleaning ability with a large and small end to clean all kinds of hard-to-reach spaces.
Double-ended picks are ideal for removing dirt and debris from hard-to-reach places. Soft nylon and brass brushes are essential tools for cleaning all devices. Steel brushes can be used in special situations.

Picks with Multiple Sharp Objects – Double-ended Picks in different shapes are ideal for removing dirt and debris from hard to reach places. The stainless steel tips are sharp and hard enough to easily remove any amount of carbon.

The nylon selection is ideal for light cleaning and avoiding scratches on the gun surface.

Organizer Carry Case – Dimension is 8 “x 3.3” x 1 “. Carrying bag with elastic loops helps to organize gun cleaning tools neat and tidy. Compact size, easy to carry and save space.

Multiple Uses: This cleaning set is not only used for cleaning guns, but also for anywhere you need brushes and picks such as carburetors, cars, and stubborn stains in your home.