10X50 binoculars professional Military Marine waterproof




Boshile 10X50 binoculars professional Military Marine waterproof Telescope HD BAK4 Rangefinder Distance hunting Navigation color

boshile10x50 binoculars / night vision binoculars high-powered waterproof

A comprehensive multi-coated precision, high transmittance, crisp imaging, the viewing brightness, image quality and other aspects
of the authenticity of things like color is superior to similar telescope at home and abroad.

It has the pupil diameter, long exit pupil distance of excellent performance. At dusk, dawn and other low-light environments and
circumstances to wear gas masks (or glasses) can also clearly observe the target comfortably.

High purity nitrogen protection, professional waterproof, high sealing performance, can withstand 35Kpa internal overpressure, can
be flooded 1.5m deep. You can satisfy the need for all-weather operations.

Operating temperature range -43 ~ + 55, can satisfy the needs of different geographic location.

Full-metal structure, durable; rubber armored, shock absorption, non-slip design, with a strong ability to withstand the bumps and
vibration, can withstand the impact of the acceleration of gravity of 20 or more, is completely adapt to any harsh environment.

Magnification: 10 x
Eyepiece Diameter: 22mm
Objective Diameter: 50mm.
The closest distance: 5m
Resolution: ≤5.6 ”
Focus Mode: Focus Binocular
Adjustment range: -8 ~ + 12 diopters
Field of view: 7.5 ° 132M / 1000M
Ranging function:
Exit pupil distance: 22mm
Exit Pupil Diameter: 7.1mm
Coating: The entire multilayer antireflection film blue film eyepiece, objective lens FMC green film
Prism Material: BAK4 glass
Jiaojia Interface: tripod that supports connection
Product Weight: about 900 g
Size: 16.5CM*19CM*6CM

All-around design, outdoor special
This series exclusively for the needs of outdoor sports and design, versatile and reliable to meet the ever-changing requirements
of outdoor sports.
Large diameter, high brightness and high contrast
Large-caliber, fully coated antireflection film, multilayer broadband antireflection green film camera, front ensure higher
brightness and contrast, especially in dark environments, more than the telescope to see more details of the scene.
Senior prism, clear imaging
BAK4 senior prism coating, even an edge image quality is equally clear and bright.
Mildew fog, floats on water: nitrogen waterproof antifogging completely suitable for outdoor environment mildew
Duantong design, light small can float on water
Nitrogen waterproof antifogging mildew, completely suitable for outdoor environment
BAK4 super prism, presenting the perfect picture
Full multilayer broadband antireflection (green) film, color fidelity reduction

Fully meet (MIL-STD-810) requirements, all-weather use.
Using component-based design, with good general maintenance performance.